“Hello World”

“Hello World”

“Hello World”

As the tradition of making any first program you learn in a new programming language print out “Hello World”, I too shall keep with the tradition. This is the first post on my site *insert party popper emoji here*. I tend to keep the topics to programming and technology. This site is mainly for me, friends, or future employers.

//Start legal disclamor

ANYTHING I say here is thoughts of my own and do not reflect those of my employers whether in the past, current, or future. Any ads, product placements, or reviews will have the proper disclaimers and will be stated as such.

//End legal disclamor

Upcoming topics will be the things I am currently learning in school or anything else that catches my fancy. By writing about them and explaining them, it better helps me and my understanding of them. I hope you come along for the ride and I hope that I can look back 5 and 10 years in the future and see the amount of progress I have made.